The Introduction to “The Curse of Lecia”



August 1832

I live my life in a cage. Not a cage that one can see or feel, but a cage nonetheless.

Just as real cages assure that their dwellers come to no harm, and halt escape to whatever dangers there may be, my unseen cage ensures that I encounter no harm.

It restrains my body and spirit, so that I will never quite know what dangers there truly are.

My cage is shaped and fashioned by rules.

My cage is arranged so that I should have no waking moment alone.

My cage is styled so that I shall not sleep, walk down a stair, read a book, speak to another or enjoy one second of solitary peace.

You must think that surely I have deserved my fate. You must think that I have done something loathsome or wicked. I can give you surety that I have not, and yet here live like a princess in a fairytale that has been cast with an evil spell.

There is no evil spell

There is no fairytale

Just a Princess.