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Louisa Harriet Jenkinson..

Pitchford Posted on Sun, January 12, 2014 10:01:08

One of the four main characters in “The Tree With The House In It” (book 1 of The Pitchford Chronicles) is Louisa.

Louisa is based on a real character that lived in Pitchford Hall.

Louisa Harriet Jenkinson was born on 28 Mar 1814 in Portman Square, London, England and died in her beloved Pitchford on 5th Feb 1887.
Louisa was the daughter of Charles Cecil Cope, Jenkinson 3rd Earl of Liverpool and Julia Evelyn Medley Shuckbrugh-Evelyn.

Louisa’s mother died just 11 days after her birth on 8th April 1814, and this fact significant to the story, especiallty in the second and third books.
Louisa had 7 children, but her line of descent came to an end in 1937, with the death of her youngest child, Louisa, who never married.

In “The Tree With The House In It” Louisa is a caring and trusting natural yet fiery and impulsive girl that loves Shropshire. Society expects her to marry young and well, but she has other ideas. Louisa’s two best friends are Joseph, a stable boy that she has known since she was a child, and Sarah, her sister’s maid. Nobody knows of their friendship, and it is kept secret from the villagers and the staff at the Hall.
Louisa takes on a challenge from Joseph to take a walk at midnight to Acton Burnell Castle, that is just a mile away from her home. The castle is steeped in rumours of ghosts, wolves, curses and witches. Louisa wants to find out if the stories are true, and her own story takes a path that she could never have expected…

Pitchford today…

Pitchford Posted on Fri, January 03, 2014 15:33:04

Today, Pitchford is still a welcoming village, close to

Pitchford Hall still stands, but it is now neglected and deserted.

Acton Burnell Castle, built for Sir Robert Burnell,
Bishop of Bath and Wells lies a mile away, and is free for anyone to

Attingham Park belongs to the National Trust, and charges
apply to visit.


…is a series of books, based on real characters
and events. Of course, some facts have been interwoven with fiction.

The chronology is factual, even down to the timings
of the full moon.